About Business Support Solutions

Business Support Solutions is a virtual assistance and outsourcing firm offering specialized services. Our U.S. based team works in an environment that encourages creativity and productivity and provides you support customized to your needs not ours.
We provide you with the services that you need WHEN you need them.

Our Mission

We are determined to teach, guide and train entrepreneurs to have a better life and business through delegating. We want to provide service to our clients that not only gives them peace of mind but also adds to their bottom line!

Our Vision

Our vision for you is much the same is it is for ourselves. To create a business that you love, build a legacy, and have time to do what you enjoy most (outside of your business). We want you to have time with family, friends and even time for yourself. Most of all, we would like you to relax and know that what ever it is, it is being handled with care and expertise.
We would like you to have a business where you can:
  • feel confident in what is getting done;
  • have the ability to do what you love;
  • take a vacation without your phone, email, or computer; and,
  • get back to who you really are – rested, goal driven, relaxed, and confident.

Our Objective

Each member of our team at Business Support Solutions takes great pride in maintaining the highest standards and integrity in everything we do by providing excellent service and solutions for our clients. We recognize our limitations and only provide services and/or technologies based on our current level of expertise and, we represent truthfully the level of skill and expertise of those within this organization. Additionally, we safeguard the privacy and information of our clients as well as maintain the confidentiality in regards to the storage and disposal of records.